Project Description

Duke Digital Door Lock
Sales price: S$380.00
DescriptionThe world’s first real time
displacement numeric by touch pad(patented).
This high technology made free from exposing through the trace of fingerprint

  • The mortise lock which can easily move the direction of latch bolt
  • Anti-panic(In free) mortise lock
  • High reliable mechanical mortise lock

It is More Safe as New Technology

Real time displacement numeric touch pad type Intrusion warning function and preventing mischief
Operate beep sound volume control function Manual locking button function
Portable Accessory-type Digital Key Two way solution(Secret code + Digital Key)
Digital key have blinking function Automatic locking function
One touch mute function Automatic relocking function
Free direction latch bolt as mechanical type of mortise lock Double locking function
Anti-panic(In free) handle type Alarming Function for Changing Battery
Hacking Prevention System Secret code memory function(Back up function)
Making missed digital key being useless function Secret Automatic/manual mode function
Up to 20 digital keys register Power saving mode
Up to 8 difference secret code register Solid Durable material and structure
  Emergency external power supply system