For every family, kitchen is considered the hub of the home, its where the family assembles every night for dinner. Kitchen isn’t used just for cooking – but everybody’s favorite room for sharing, bonding and having fun. Here are a few inspirations for your kitchen décor’s.

1. Spice up the Décor.

Its high time people start wanting unique kitchen decors. Usually, it’s unlikely that clients want a kitchen in one full color, rather to mix natural wood, paint and metals in kitchen is recommended.

2. Veneered Wood

Mixing veneered wood and silver Kitchen appliances is a good move. Its more of a less formal design that is popular with millennials. We adore this mixture.

3. Classic White Kitchens

Everybody love a Classic white kitchen. Why? Because they never go out of style. They always look clean, fresh and stylish. But it’s not necessary they have to look bland. This design mix’s modern and sleek aesthetics. Having a cohesive color palette and materials is significant if the interior elements such as lighting, decorative details and furniture are in the same line.

4. Multi-purpose Kitchen

A Multi-purpose kitchen island is essential because it can stash all your electrical appliances such as toaster oven and espresso machine, which do not need to be on display all the time. This kitchen design is definitely a sleep design statement.

5. Uppers & Lowers

Consider having greyish lower cabinets. They are add both personality and charm to your kitchen. Especially with a white background, grey cabinets are a fitted look.

Hope that the kitchen design and decorating ideas provided above will give you some inspiration when you are thinking about giving a new look to your tired and outdated kitchen in the future. If you need Free consultation and quotes from Singapore’s interior designers or renovators, simply submit your requirements here.