5 Ways to Transition Your Home for A New Season

If you’ve ever headed into new season without a clue about how to transition your space, then you’re not alone. Replacing the right décor items for their more autumn-appropriate counterparts can seem daunting as a whole, but today we’re here to remind you that it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Instead of thinking of overhauling your entire space to make room for the new season’s décor and furniture, simply take a look at our trips!

#1 Throw in a Pillow or Two

Adding a throw blanket to your space is not only functional during the cooler months, but it’s also one of the easiest ways to make it feel like fall in your home. By simply picking out the coziest throw for your space and draping it over a comfy chair or the end of your couch, you’ll be feeling all those warm fall vibes in no time—and have another excuse to curl up on the couch!

#2 Change up your Artwork.

We always have a keen eye on what’s hanging on our walls, so we can say from experience that swapping in the right artwork for the season can make a huge difference. Adding artwork more appropriate for a season transition will not only help pull together the colour scheme you’re working with, but will also transform the vibe of your space.

#3 Rug-it-up

An area rug is one of the most significant ways to ground your design and bring all your décor elements together, so swapping it out during a little seasonal revamp will make a monumental difference in the overall look..

#4 Add New Hardware

Changing your hardware is a tiny update that can make a major difference in your overall aesthetics.
You can exchange brass hardware for silver; shiny metallic for brushed metal; or a traditional handle for something quirky and unique.. The possibilities are really endless and can transform your house.

#5 Replenish Your Wall Space

A lot of us tend to hang pictures and shelving from our walls and never touch them again. But if you’re looking for easy ways to update your home’s style, then you want to consider reviewing what your wall is currently working with.

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